“The king of the dance” online: hundreds of people dance to Blue Jeans Blue

«Le king de la danse en ligne»: plusieurs centaines de personnes dansent pour Bleu Jeans Bleu

For the clip of his song “The king of line dance”, the formation of Blue Jeans Blue has been able to rely on the choreography of hundreds of dancers québécois confined… which Véronique Cloutier!

To illustrate the first part of their album “Perfecto” – on which we find the classic “Cotton fleece” – the members of the quartet have received not less than 780 short videos at their request, sent there nearly a month, inspired by the Dr. Horacio Arruda and his suggestion of dancing in the line.

This is William Monette, who was in charge of the realization of the clip, the energy of which of the extras is contagious and that starts with a fun message from the singer Claude Cobra: “as long As to be confined, let us dance the twist until happiness arrives.”

In order to boost the visibility of its third effort “Biker jacket” published last year, the guys from Blue Blue Jeans are of course already recorded a video for “Cotton fleece” ($10.5 million views on YouTube), but also “Sentences fromagées” and “I ate too much French fries”.

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