The kits Schumacher

Aux trousses de Schumacher

After seeing his first 10 steps postponed or cancelled due to the pandemic, the world Championship of Formula 1, which celebrates its 70 years of existence, resumed its rights at the end of the week on the occasion of the Grand Prix of Austria.

The original schedule was to include a record 22 races, but it will be reduced, according to all appearances, approximately a dozen stations by the end of the season. It will all depend on the situation of the COVID-19 in the countries that F1 still wishes to visit after the 6 September.

Regardless of the number of races listed on the calendar (the first eight will take place in Europe, and behind closed doors), Lewis Hamilton is on track to equal, if not lower marks owned by Michael Schumacher that was thought unbeatable.

In its final year of the contract the binder with the team Mercedes, the Uk sees a golden opportunity to re-edit the guinness book of records F1. Starting with the number of titles. Hamilton, 35-year-old won last year for a sixth world Championship. He remains the only one to conquer to reach the German throne at the top.

Lewis Hamilton and his team-mate Valtteri Bottas will drive this new black livery, unveiled earlier this week by the team Mercedes, in support of the movement Black Lives Matter, that the fight against racism and discrimination.

Victories and attendance on the podium

The record of 91 victories, Schumacher is also threatened because Hamilton has 84 on his card. However, if he maintains his pace of the last few seasons (since 2014, he has won at least nine Grands Prix per year), it could mark the history by 2020.

To do this, we could also add the number of presences on the podium. The record of 155, also the property of Schumacher, is the first one that could fall because Hamilton already 151. The British had access to the tribune of honor 17 times in 21 events last year.

Furthermore, Schumacher is the only driver to have won the same Grand Prix (France) in eight opportunities. Gold Hamilton, he has won seven times in Hungary and in Canada. Now remains to confirm if the great circus of F1 is going to ride this fall at the circuit Gilles-Villeneuve.

Record of precocity

Schumacher (2004) and Sebastian Vettel (2013) have achieved the feat of winning 13 wins in a season. With 11 (obtained on three occasions), Hamilton will likely have to wait another year due to the timing shortened.

In addition, a record which belongs neither Schumacher or Hamilton could fall this year, is the youngest champion of the world.

Since 2010, Vettel holds this brand of precocity when it was titled at the age of 23 years, 4 months and 11 days. Gold, Max Verstappen (born 30 September 1997) and Charles Leclerc (16 October 1997) will have a chance to lower the record in 2020.

Latifi, the only rookie

The Grand Prix of Austria, which takes place this Sunday in Spielberg, marks the beginning of the season 2020 in F1. Unlike last year, most of the stables have retained their duo of drivers, with a few exceptions.

It happens

Nicholas Latifi

► After four seasons of learning in F2, where he ranked second in the final ranking by 2019, Nicholas Latifi made the big jump into F1. For the first time in history, two canadian pilots will compete full-time in the discipline-queen of the motor sport. Born in Montreal, Latifi, 25-year-old, however, grew up in Toronto. Many associate his coming to F1 to the fortune of his father, Michael, as well as his fellow countryman Lance Stroll. It will be the only rookie at the start of Grands Prix this year at the wheel of a Williams, still considered the worst single-seater plateau.

He returns

Esteban Ake

► Described as one of the drivers of the most gifted of his generation, Esteban Ake will again be able to express his talent aboard a Renault. The French 23-year-old had lost his place at Force India to the end of 2018 for the benefit of Lance Stroll, when the team was bought by Lawrence, the father of the quebec driver, and his group of partners. Ake was not remained inactive in the last year, since he was entrusted with the role of third driver in the Mercedes.

They are gone

Nico Hülkenberg

► After 177 departures in F1, Nico Hülkenberg lost his steering wheel in the Renault at the end of the season 2019. The German 32-year-old holds the unenviable record of the largest number of entries without any presence on the podium. Rumors suggest that it could come back at Renault in 2021 to take the place of Daniel Ricciardo.

Robert Kubica

► Recruited full-time by the team Williams last year, Robert Kubica had to relaunch his career in F1 interrupted by a rally accident in February 2011. But performance is anemic of his car have been relegated to the bottom of the grid. Replaced by Nicholas Latifi, he found a job as test driver at Alfa Romeo in F1. It will also be engaged full-time in the championship, the German DTM touring car at the edge of a BMW.

► Finally, the team Toro Rosso has been renamed AlphaTauri, the name of the clothing line belonging to the company Red Bull.

The pilots registered this year


  • Sebastian Vettel (GER)
  • Charles Leclerc (MY)


  • Daniel Ricciardo (AUS)
  • Esteban Ake (ENG)


  • Carlos Sainz son (ESP)
  • Lando Norris (GBR)

Alfa Romeo

  • Kimi Räikkönen (FIN)
  • Antonio Giovinazzi (ITA)


  • George Russell (GBR)
  • Nicholas Latifi (CAN)


  • Lewis Hamilton (GBR)
  • Valtteri Bottas (FIN)

Red Bull

  • Max Verstappen (NED)
  • Alexander Albon (THA)


  • Romain Grosjean (FRA)
  • Kevin Magnussen (DAN)

Racing Point

  • Sergio Pérez (MEX)
  • Lance Stroll (CAN)


  • Pierre Gasly (FRA)
  • Daniil Kvyat (RUS)

The sheet of Lewis Hamilton in Formula 1

Seasons Departures Wins Podiums Poles
2007 17 4 12 6
2008 18 5 10 7
2009 17 2 5 4
2010 19 3 9 1
2011 19 3 6 1
2012 20 4 7 7
2013 19 1 5 5
2014 19 11 16 7
2015 19 10 17 11
2016 21 10 17 12
2017 20 9 13 11
2018 21 11 17 11
2019 21 11 17 5

World Champion in 2008, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019

Schumacher   Hamilton
307 Departures in F1 250
7 Global securities 6
5 Consecutive titles 3
91 Wins 84
68 Positions of head 88
155 Attendance on the podium 151
77 Best lap in the race 47
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