The Kraken does useful work

The Kraken does useful work

Even though his debut in the National Hockey League could very well be postponed due to the special circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Seattle Kraken does not want to wait to take root in his community, with whom he is already building relationships. important links.

The Kraken promotional items were all the rage as soon as they hit the market and the Seattle squad chose to take the opportunity to give back to their community.

Indeed, profits from sales of products bearing the “Release the Kraken” brand between July 23 and August 21 have now been redistributed to local non-profit organizations, which help homeless youth and children. those belonging to a visible minority. The campaign raised more than $ 400,000.

The Kraken has also committed for 10 years to the organization YouthCare, to which it will contribute a total of $ 10 million in money and services to eradicate homelessness among young people.

“We are aware that we are launching our brand in the midst of a pandemic. We wanted to find a way to use our launch to inspire our supporters to get involved in efforts to help those most affected, ”said Mari Horita, Kraken vice president for community development, in a statement. communicated.

“We have raised this money and we will be raising even more for our community. It also helps publicize these organizations that do great things, ”said Kraken President and CEO Tod Leiweke.

Launch into the tumult

The organization unveiled its name and logo last July, amid the COVID-19 crisis. She was due to make her NHL debut in the 2021-2022 season, which risks being postponed due to delays and delays caused by the health situation. Indeed, we still do not know when the 2020-2021 campaign will begin, the progress of which will have an impact on the next one. While there was talk of a recovery in December, the NHL could finally not resume action until next January.

With the anticipated deadlines, the Kraken should therefore have time to finalize the construction of its amphitheater, a construction estimated at $ 930 million, which was to be delivered in August or September 2021.

We already know that the establishment of its American League franchise in Palm Springs will have to wait until the following season since the construction of its home, in Coachella Valley in California, will not be completed before 2022.

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