The Kremlin has embarked on a global revenge

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation began mass expulsions of diplomats 28 “unfriendly” countries.

Кремль приступив до глобальної помсти

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia has begun the mass “mirror” measures in relation to the 28 countries of the West, which expelled Russian diplomats on the “case of the Violinist”.

The press service of the Russian foreign Ministry announced the global revenge of the West, reports “Rus.Media”.

It is worth noting that some 28 countries have announced the expulsion of Russian intelligence officers working undercover in dipvedomstva Russia. So they showed solidarity with the UK, which the Kremlin staged the chemical attack to eliminate your enemy – Sergei Skripal. The entire home has been sent more than 150 Russians.

After 4 days the Kremlin has declared the appropriate action: announced the expulsion from the country the same number of diplomats of countries that are “hurt” Russia.

“March 30, the Russian foreign Ministry called the heads of the accredited in Russia diplomatic missions of several countries that has carried out hostile actions against Russia “in solidarity” with Britain through the so-called “case of Violinists”. Ambassadors will be handed notes of protest and announced the response of the Russian side,” – said the Russian foreign Ministry.

Кремль приступив до глобальної помсти

Russia has sent 13 Ukrainian diplomats and the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin called it a “mirror response” of Russia – is nonsense.

Кремль приступив до глобальної помсти


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