The laboratory dismantled in Danville: a significant seizure for the police

Laboratoire démantelé à Danville: une importante saisie pour les policiers

The laboratory of synthetic drugs dismantled in Danville, in Estrie, would have allowed to produce up to 20 million tablets of methamphetamine.

This has been revealed to the authorities, on Friday, the eighth and last day of dismantling.

The operation, which was one of the most important laboratories of synthetic drugs ever discovered in Quebec, involved in the daily more than 50 officers from various police forces and was in need of two truck-trailers 53 feet to have all the drugs and items seized.

According to the investigations Team and the coordination on organized crime (EECCO) of Drummondville, which had triggered the strike and the raids last June 26, the input key at approximately 260 kg of a substance which would have enabled the manufacture of more than 20 million tablets of methamphetamine; 2.5 kilos of cocaine; the equivalent of $ 1 million in property as offence-related property; firearms; as well as approximately $ 140,000 in cash.

The four people arrested in the case have appeared last Monday. He is Emmanuel Pereira, 46 years old, from Sorel-Tracy; Alexandre Beaucage, 44 years old, from Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu; Roxanne Savard, 45, of Danville; and Roxanne Turgeon-Strauss, 25, of the Holy Spirit. They face a total of 28 charges.

The laboratory for the production of synthetic drugs of Danville and five other premises have been raided to the result of the investigation launched last fall.

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