The large chains of american theaters wait for the summer to reopen

New York | The cinema of Georgia has been réautorisés to welcome the public Monday, and Texas will follow in four days, but none of the big networks of cinemas does enjoy it before the summer.

The new operating rules in Georgia require movie theaters to space each group of spectators at least two meters, and to clean the chairs between each session.

In Texas, governor Greg Abbott has set at 25% of the gauge the maximum capacity of each hall.

During a presentation to investors in mid-April, the third network meeting in the United States, Cinemark, had indicated that its fill rate average ordinary time ranged between 20% and 30%.

“So we operate very cost-effectively, while respecting the obligations in the field of social distancing”, had written the operator in his presentation.

But during the same presentation, the general manager, Mark Zoradi, said Cinemark was a reopening towards the end of July.

It is for the network to ensure that the prevention measures against the spread of the virus are in place, but also wait for the release of a film to big budget, to encourage the public to return.

The cinema chain has set its sights on the new film by director Christopher Nolan (“Dunkirk”, “The Dark Knight, the dark knight”, “Inception”), “Tenet”, the output of which the United States is scheduled for 17 July.

She also relies on the arrival, as soon as the following weekend (July 24), to “Mulan”, version live action of the animated film of Disney.

The first american network of cinemas, AMC, plans to reopen its rooms “a few weeks before (the release of) these new blockbusters”, but “directly ahead,” he said Friday.

The chairman of the group, Georgia Theatre Company, Bo Chambliss, who has 22 theaters in Georgia, explained on Sunday at the site of a local information News4Jax that he would do the same.

As to the second cinema chain, Regal, has indicated Monday to AFP have not yet made a decision as to a re-opening date.

The operator wants to ensure that prevention measures are adequate will be in place and “works with studios, partners to determine to what dates they will be releasing their films,” said a spokesman.

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