The last 30 minutes of the life of George Floyd

Les 30 dernières minutes de la vie de George Floyd

George Floyd, a black man, died last Monday following a police operation outside a store in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The man, 46-year-old, like many Americans, was unemployed since the beginning of the pandemic. Father and grand-father, he worked until recently as a security officer.

But that happened in the last moments of his life? The last 30 minutes before her death to understand a little better how the situation has escalated.

Here’s what we know :

On Monday evening, shortly before 20 pm, George Floyd comes out looking cigarettes at the corner grocery store, where it was known. At the time of pay, the employee has a doubt on the ticket of US $20 that Mr. Floyd hands him.

Following protocol, he calls 911 and explains the situation. It is 20: 01.

“Someone came into the store and paid with a counterfeit note, and it is realized before he leaves,” one can read in the transcript of the call. The employee indicated that Mr. Floyd seems to be in a state of intoxication, and that he refuses to make the package of cigarettes.

The person at the other end of the line promises him that the police will be on site in a few minutes.

At 20 h 08, two police officers arrive and find George Floyd sitting on the driver’s side in a car parked not far from the store. Their cameras and equipment are enabled.

Thomas Lane, one of the two police officers, begins to talk with the man, points his gun at him through the open window and asked him to show his hands.

Mr. Floyd refused to obey him, and the officer puts his gun in its holster. He ordered him to exit the vehicle. Mr. Lane attempts to handcuff, but Floyd resists.

Once handcuffed, the suspect becomes more cooperative, note the report of the incident published by the attorney of Hennepin County. Agent Lane tells him he is under arrest for counterfeiting.

When the agents try to make it up to the edge of the auto patrol, the situation becomes more complicated. George Floyd stiffens, and he says he is claustrophobic.

Derek Chauvin, also of the police Service of Minneapolis, arrived on the scene in reinforcement.

At 20 h 19, the latter tries to get Floyd in the police car pulling, which causes it to fall to the ground, face-first, handcuffed.

It is from this point that passers-by are beginning to film the scene of the last moments of George Floyd, which will be widely disseminated on the social networks.

While the agents hold George Floyd, Derek Chauvin place his knee on his neck. For 8 minutes, and 46 seconds, it will remain in this position.

“I can’t breathe” and “mama”, can you hear Floyd on multiple occasions.

“Yet, you’re not wrong to talk to us,” replies one officer. George Floyd implores the police : “please, please, please”.

It is 20 hours, 25 minutes and 31 seconds when George Floyd seems to stop breathing, according to the video. Agent J. A. Kueng’s looking for her pulse, to no avail. However, none of his colleagues do not change position.

Finally, at 20: 27, Derek Chauvin removes his knee from the neck of George Floyd. An ambulance arrives shortly after. The body of Mr Floyd is placed on a stretcher and transported to a medical center.

George Floyd was pronounced dead about an hour later.

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