“The last dance”: to escape a little

«La dernière danse»: pour s’évader un peu

Like many sports fans, I take my bad in patience and I try to keep myself in shape inside of the tags provided by the officers of the public health.

If I had to do my mourning in the beginning of the season of major league baseball (for me, the spring really happens with the first “play ball!”), I would, however, not so far as to say that professionals need to resume business in the shortest possible time as the president wants, or, as is the case in Florida, that professional wrestling is an essential service! No, this is not a joke…

For those who want to distract you, and who have had enough of watching repeats of old matches or interviews that revolve sometimes in circles, Netflix aired yesterday the first two episodes of The last dance, The last dance. Produced by Netflix and ESPN, the documentary tells the story of the 1997-1998 season, Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

Need is it to remember that during this season, the Bulls would win their sixth championship in eight years? That this season would be the last of Phil Jackson to the head of the team? After winning three championships in a row for the second time in history, the Bulls would be dismantled and Michael Jordan retired for the second time.

The images to which we are entitled since yesterday are the fruit of an idea or a project started 25 years ago! The first reviews are positive and many commentators and listeners say that the documentary reminds us of how sport can be a unifying and inspiring. You remember how Jordan and his band were dominant? How can we forget the performance of 63 points by Jordan in the playoffs?

The documentary deals with, of course, the athletic feats (and they are legion), but also this quest for greatness and dominance. Win at all cost, this is what wanted to the Bulls. Beyond the spectacular images, we are presented with numerous testimonies, as many opponents of the Bulls as former players or politicians. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have contributed to the project.

Since the spread of the COVID-19, we think first of our health and to the economic recovery and when we discuss sport, it is often to try to determine what will be the costs of this forced break for the players and the teams. We have a little forgotten the chills that we provides the great athletes and the rivalries intense.

If our priorities are to effectively fight against the virus and its effects on the economy, since yesterday the sports fans in withdrawal can give rendez-vous in front of their screen to get away for a few moments and reconnect with their passion. To continue the battle and keep morale high, it is sometimes necessary to escape for a few moments and blow off a little pressure. The last dance should provide you with this opportunity.

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