The last episode of “Walking Dead” postponed because of the sars coronavirus

Le dernier épisode de « Walking Dead » reporté à cause du coronavirus

LOS ANGELES | The fans of “Walking Dead” would have had the knowledge, the revelation comes with a virus: the latest episode of their favorite series is going to be postponed because of the pandemic that is rampant currently.

“The events we have unfortunately prevented from finishing post-production on the final episode of season 10 of The Walking Dead, so the current season will culminate with its 15th episode on April 5,” said on Twitter the channel AMC.

The ultimate episode of this season will be broadcast ” later in the year “, added the producers of the hit series.

Adapted from a comic, “The Walking Dead” puts in scene the adventures of the few people to have survived a disaster triggered by a virus that turns the dead into zombies hungry for human flesh, themselves contagious.

The announcement of the postponement of the last episode of season 10 has enraged many fans, but some have noted the irony of the story.

“It looks like more and more of a documentary on the current state of the planet,” tweeted one of them, while more than half of Americans and of the world’s population are subject to containment measures various.

“This apocalypse is really null “, found another admirer on Twitter.