The last hero of the 1990s: how Sergei Dorenko remembered colleagues

PHOTO : AGN “Moscow” / Ermakov Dmitry


In Moscow, died a famous journalist Sergei Dorenko. Colleagues in different attitudes to his work, but all recognize great talent. Dorenko was called the “last of the Mohicans” journalism of the 1990s – brash, uncompromising and free.

Any meeting he finished the word “work”, I remember colleagues of Sergey Dorenko. They still can’t believe that Sergey Leonidovich is no more. The building of the radio station “Moscow speaking” – a sea of flowers. For many he has become a mentor in journalism.

“We, as he said, the slaves of the layout. News is the most important thing. And we are working on. Sergei certainly known as a brilliant journalist like a stage man. But a narrow circle of people knows him as the boss. This is a man with a huge heart, who stood up, defended their employees in a variety of situations, which has always supported,” said Yevgeny Volgin, host of the program “Moscow Says”.

Radio Sergei Dorenko was created in 2014. But only that its activities were not restricted. Dorenko invited to transfer their colleagues from other media. Knew that if he was at the microphone, so no one will not remain indifferent.

Life off the air was also full of extreme sports. He loved motorcycles and fast driving. And often risked his life.

Again Sergei Dorenko and spent the last moments of life. Surveillance cameras filmed the famous journalist loses control and goes into oncoming traffic. The doctors arrived at the scene quickly, but to save time. According to preliminary information, TV and radio presenter had a heart attack.

“This is a great journalist. The man who made the whole epoch. And his journalistic position was sharp and bright. He was always in the midst of conflict and not moved away from him. He held the position of tylnik, and very intelligent and educated person, and evaluate current policy, as if he’s not contemporary, and the observer and the cold-blooded and cynical commentator. This is a very interesting position and very creative, journalism,” – said the journalist Maxim Shevchenko.

Dorenko was born in Kerch in 1959 in the family of a military pilot and the librarian. Because father frequently changed his place of residence: Irkutsk, Omsk, Moscow and Kerch again. I finished school in Volgograd. He received his higher education at the University of friendship of peoples. Received diplomas in three specialities: teacher of Russian language, translator from Spanish and Portuguese. Immediately after graduation, he worked in Latin America and Africa. On the television in 1985. Later he worked on VGTRK, NTV. In the late 1990s, he headed the information service of ORT. At the same time led the program “Time”.

“This week the mayor of Moscow is rapidly losing honour and dignity. We’re like observers and young naturalists, continued the most cold-blooded way to explore these two entities with color and smell,” – that was his professional style.

The fame he won independent position and sharp comments, often on the verge of shocking. His broadcasts have always been truly original. Recent years a journalist working in radio and led a popular telegram channel. From two marriages, Sergei Dorenko left four children.