The “last nail in the coffin” of some bars


The 28-day closure of bars is seen by two associations of tenants as the last nail in the coffin of the industry.

“They [the government] have no regard for us, zero! […] It is irresponsible and unfair ”dropped yesterday the president of the Union of the tenants of bars of Quebec, Peter Sergakis (on the left), after having looked, the air disappointed, the point of press which announced the terms of the red zone.

Mr. Sergakis and the president of the Corporation of owners of bars, brasseries and taverns of Quebec, Renaud Poulin (right), are calling for an emergency meeting with the government today to try to get it to reverse its decision.

As for the aid promised by the Prime Minister, Mr. Sergakis does not believe it. “We no longer trust the Legault government,” he blurted out. Our businesses are destroyed to zero with the two closures. We want to be compensated. ”

More optimistic

The president of the New Association of Quebec Bars, Pierre Thibault, was more optimistic when he heard the Prime Minister say that aid would be granted to bars, but he is eager to know more. ” It urges ! He says.

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