The last store Blockbuster movie rental nights-pajamas nostalgic

Le dernier magasin Blockbuster se loue pour des soirées-pyjamas nostalgiques

The last store Blockbuster on the planet offers the diehard fans of video rentals, a trip back in time by offering evening pajamas on the theme of the 90’s.

An ad on Airbnb, presents a unique rental store video that makes the resistance, based in Oregon (northwestern United States).

It promises, for only $ 4 a night, transforming the store in the living room “with sofa-bed, pouffes and pillows to cozy up with the new releases of the 90’s”. Four places are available for three nights in September.

The shop located in Bend is the last bastion of a chain that had 9 000 points of sale throughout the world at its peak at the beginning of the year 2000.

But Blockbuster has suffered a decline precipitated by the advent of platforms of streaming such as Netflix.

The people of Bend are yet remained faithful to the approach of pick up DVD’s and VHS tapes via a vending machine that allows you to return a few days later.

The sign local has also become a popular tourist destination.

In recent years, a steady stream of nostalgic fans came to pose for selfies outside, buying sweets kitsch and admire memorabilia from films such as the jacket of Russell Crowe in “Les Misérables”.

But with the pandemic that is stifling tourism, the site has lost its “regular visits of friends, neighbors, and tourists from around the world,” wrote the announcement

“And remember,” says the announcement, “the store is yours for the night !” “Then let go of you, explode the boom-box and wear your favorite denim of the 90’s for you to feel like home, in a different time”.

The advertisement promises to clean the store after those nights pyjamas.

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