The last week in 10 photos

La dernière semaine en 10 photos

Our team has selected the best pictures taken in the last few days to illustrate how the pandemic is lived in the four corners of the planet.



The Dres Jana du Plessis (right) and Anele Mtanjana showed on Wednesday how to use a plastic box above a patient in a hospital of Johannesburg, South Africa. A team of professionals has designed this medical equipment which ensures the safety during maneuvers such as intubation of a patient.


A technician listened to, Thursday, the robot Amy during a simulation on the assistance to the medical teams in the care of patients with the COVID-19 in a hospital in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Officials from south korea sorted, on Wednesday, the ballots for the vote counting during the parliamentary election in a gymnasium in Seoul. Voters in south korea have applauded the management of the epidemic of chairman Moon Jae-in, giving a majority of votes for his political party.


A young Palestinian boy poses with a mask made of cabbage, on Thursday, in Beit Lahia, in the north of the Gaza strip.


A woman wearing a mask and a plastic bag on the body shot, on Thursday, a truck loaded with bags of cans recyclable in the streets of Lower Manhattan, New York.


A jackal stood in the grass, Monday, at park Hayarkon in Tel-Aviv, Israel. These jackals have taken advantage of the fewer number of humans to walk the trails of the park with greater confidence, in search of food during the pandemic.


The medical staff of a Maryland hospital was informed on Tuesday by the window of the room of a patient in order to limit the time of opening of the door. On Saturday, the State of Maryland had more than 12 300 reported cases of COVID-19 and 463 deaths.


The DJ Dutch Luc Sarneel, right, was surprised, on Monday, the grandparents of Djura, 23 years old, that the film, during a fund-raiser for the Red Cross, by using an elevating platform, Drachten, the netherlands.


The performer of the rue Robert John Burck, better known as the naked Cowboy, played on Monday of the guitar in Times Square, on a street eerily deserted New York city.


Municipal employees peruvians were washing the streets of Arequipa on Wednesday to prevent the spread of the COVID-19. Saturday, there were 14 420 confirmed cases in Peru, and 348 deaths.

The balance of the day

  • Case in the world : 2 317 759
  • Death in the world : 159 510
  • In Canada : 33 382
  • Cases in Quebec : 17 521 (+723 compared to Friday)
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