The late Stephen Hawking made a last gift to humanity

Recently deceased Stephen Hawking made his last charitable gift to humanity, and left a touching note.

Покійний Стівен Хокінг зробив останній подарунок людству

About it reports reports Rus.Media, citing foreign sources.

It became known that during the life of Stephen Hawking bequeathed to his children in his honor lunch for many homeless people of Cambridge. Sunday, April 1, will a great scientist was made, and a charity dinner on the Church grounds Wesley tasted more than 50 homeless people. Ironically, physics buried the same day in a few tens of meters from the Church.

Покійний Стівен Хокінг зробив останній подарунок людству

Powders that lunch for the homeless consisted of three courses, including dessert. The whole meal kindly paid for the Hawking family. In addition, homeless families received a unique note, on which was written that this Easter dinner is a gift from Steven.

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