The latest developments in the dossier Romanov

Derniers développements dans le dossier Romanov

The latest developments in the complex folder Alexander Romanov: the young defender will train with the Montreal Canadiens during the phases 3 and 4 of return to play of the national hockey League (NHL), he signed a contract which comes into effect this season.

This was confirmed by his agent, Dan Milstein at, Sunday.

Romanov will not be able to take part in a match of the knock-out tournament of the circuit Bettman this summer, but it will, at least, have a taste of the NHL if he wants to. As of Monday noon, the Canadians will have a window of 53 hours to agree with the Russian on the terms of a contract of entry beginning in 2019-2020. By burning the first three years of the agreement, the CH would allow Romanov to train with the team during the qualification round and during the series.

Agent Romanov account to discuss with his client in the middle of the night, or Monday morning, according to the Russian time zone, in order to make a decision regarding the following things.

If he does not sign by the end of the window 53 hours of his contract with the Habs, Romanov will have other options. He could agree with a european education to return to play as quickly as possible, but it is unclear, for the moment, if this would make it ineligible for the season 2020-2021 NHL.

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