The latest Russian YotaPhone smartphone 3 failed miserably

A few years ago in Russia was created by Yota Devices, which managed to create two smartphones, both of which possessed a unique feature – E-Ink screen on the back, which complements the usual.

Последний российский смартфон YotaPhone 3 с треском провалился

Right at the moment of release of the second model in Russia the financial crisis began, which has become one of the culprits of the failure of the then new, as it was in 2014 – 2015. Since then, much time has passed, and during this period have successfully created and launched the YotaPhone 3.

Speaking honestly, YotaPhone 3 is the latest Russian smartphone, because in some way it worked over the employees from Russia, then as I finalized this phone for Chinese engineers.

Though this mobile device and promised to run a sale on the Russian market in the fall of 2017, but the phone still no data, but in China, you can buy it from September last year.Последний российский смартфон YotaPhone 3 с треском провалилсяAs it became known today, the Chinese company Baoli China, which bought the Russian Yota Devices, suffered very large losses due to smartphone YotaPhone 3, which failed miserably in sales.

Russian mobile device, the manufacturer brought only 5.2 million dollars, while losses net of marketing costs (advertising) and production was 15.1 million dollars. This situation means that the YotaPhone 3 is an absolute failure.

The leadership of the China Baoli expressed confidence that the brand YotaPhone, which is of Russian origin, it takes a while to get recognition in the market of China or any other country in the world.

That is why the producer is not discouraged and continues to use different ways of promotion this phone in the local market, to attract the attention of buyers.Последний российский смартфон YotaPhone 3 с треском провалилсяTo buy this unit now available in popular retail outlets and Aisidi, where it is sold at a price of $300 for the base model.

Until the fall of 2018 the Chinese company China Baoli planned to sell at least 1 million copies of the phone YotaPhone 3, but for more than 6 months from the start of sales of the device bought only in the amount of 17.3 thousand units, that is, the actual demand was below hundreds of times.

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