The law of the land handed MPs close to Kolomoisky and Akhmetov

Закон о земле протянули депутаты, близкие к Коломойскому и Ахметову

The law on the sale of land in the first reading was passed with the votes of deputies, which is associated with Kolomoisky Akhmetov and Agroaliance Verevskiy, despite the fact that a significant part of deputies from “Servants of the people” did not vote. This is stated in the Telegram-channel “Policy of the COUNTRY”.

For the law today voted, including those who harshly criticized the law – Dubinsky and Buzhansky.

Their associated with the oligarch Kolomoisky.

Also voted close to Akhmetov Deputy Mushroom, Magomedov, close to Vilkul Shpenov (Novinsky abstained). As well as a number of MPs, which is associated with Agroaliance Verevskiy. All these comrades and added voice, stretching out the vote for the law in the first reading.
Earlier the Country reported that the Verkhovna Rada adopted in first reading a bill to abolish from 1 October 2020 of the moratorium on sale of farmland. “For” vote of 240 deputies. 227 of them – from “Servants of the people” and 13 unaffiliated.

We were also told that in the Parliament handing out leaflets, which explain the benefit from the sale of Ukrainian land to foreigners. Allegedly buying land “beneficiaries” with a weapon in hands will defend Ukraine from Russian aggression.

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