The law on “EuroBLECH”: Parliament is torn between the carrot and the stick

Закон о "евробляхах": Рада мечется между кнутом и пряником

All year lawmakers have chosen how to solve the problem: the whip or the carrot?

Brief description of previous events: 22 August 2018 came into effect very stringent amendments to the Customs code that were “close window” to EuroBLECH that provoked a wave of protest of thousands of motorists, writes attorney Dmitry Lazebny blog for TSN.

After a month Glad made a first attempt to reduce the degree of stress and took some of the penalties for passing a car in the “transit” or in the status of temporary importation until the end of 2019.

5 Dec 2019, there appeared a new bill No. 2288 “About modification of the Customs code of Ukraine on the temporal order of application of articles 470 and 481”. This bill became the basis but not the final version. Let’s see, what is this article? And what will be the long-awaited postponement of fines?

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It is worth noting that the size of the fines will be significantly reduced for violation of customs regulations committed in the period from 22 August to 31 December 2019. This refers to the excess of the period of transit for vehicles imported into the territory of Ukraine. According to the General rules is 10 days. But if you are a citizen of Ukraine, but living and working abroad and decided to purchased and registered a car there to come home, thus making the “temporary import” of a vehicle, then your “calm” period will be 60 days.

Today, the amount of the fine depends on the duration of exceeding the period: 20 to 30 days 85 thousand UAH, more than 30 days – 170 thousand UAH and confiscation of cars. But the new bill promises respectively 8, 5 thousand UAH for abuse of period of transit and 17 thousand UAH for the “temporary import”.

If you have time to clear of the vehicle until December 31, 2019, the person is released from administrative liability. The adoption of this bill will bring many positive changes.

First, it will remove tension in the society. According to various sources now on the roads of Ukraine is more than 800 thousand cars on avtonomera, so reducing the amount of the fine is a very important issue not only for owners but also for the state Treasury.

Secondly, governments the time to develop the regulatory framework to address this question, given the claims and wishes of all stakeholders. According to some media reports, has established a working group, which is engaged in a new draft law on the procedure of customs clearance “EuroBLECH”.

Thirdly, the amount of the fine will be significantly reduced or even delayed for a certain period.

But also expect negative consequences: large fines in a certain way stimulated car owners on avtonomera to customs clearance. A reduction of fines can lead to a new wave of importation of vehicles with foreign registration. And then to settle the issue becomes much more complicated.

As for the fines of drivers in cars with Euronorm for violations of traffic rules, in this situation, they are on equal footing with drivers in cars with Ukrainian registration. A traffic violation, you will answer. The resolution on attraction to administrative responsibility is issued to the driver in accordance with his Ukrainian driver’s license.

Thus, in the interest of the authorities to promptly resolve this issue. Here is a comprehensive approach to the decision and to consider the interests not only of owners, but everyone. If she’s going to make concessions to owners “EuroBLECH”? It is an open question.

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