The Law on the secularity of the State of Quebec will not be suspended

La Loi sur la laïcité de l’État du Québec ne sera pas suspendue

The Law on the secularity of the State of Quebec will not be suspended until its court challenge, since the supreme Court of Canada refused to hear an appeal in this sense, Thursday.

The national Council of canadian muslims (CNMC) and the canadian civil liberties Association wanted this quebec law, which prohibits the wearing of religious signs for employees of the State, be put on ice pending judgments for cases in which it is called into question.

They had, however, been rejected in superior Court and the Quebec Court of appeal. So they had brought their appeal to the supreme Court of Canada who did not want to hear their arguments on Thursday.

Satisfaction in Quebec city

This decision has been welcomed by the government of Québec welcomes the fact that the Law on the secularity of the State remains in force.

“The government of Quebec is satisfied with the decision rendered by the highest court in Canada in favour of maintaining the Law on the secularity of the State adopted by the national Assembly. We will continue to defend the propriety and the constitutionality of the Law, as we have always done it”, said the minister of Justice and attorney general of Quebec, Sonia LeBel, by issuing a press release.

The Rally for secularism (RPL) has also applauded the decision of the supreme Court. It is “a significant victory for the realization of the principle of secularism within the State apparatus, and the respect of the principle of freedom of conscience and citizens, especially underage people,” said the co-spokesman of the RPL, Michèle Sirois.

This legislation is controversial, however, remains challenged in the courts. The groups that disagree argue that it violates the Charter of rights and freedoms of Quebec, and the canadian Charter of rights and freedoms. They also felt that it is discriminatory, as it is more particularly concerned with certain religious groups such as muslims.

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