The laws of life: the boomerang principle for each sign of the Zodiac

Законы жизни: принцип бумеранга для каждого Знака Зодиака

Everything we do matters. Everything bad always comes back, but for each sign of the Zodiac, this principle works in different fields of life due to different interests and views on life.

Each Zodiac Sign has its vices and weaknesses that make to check and make sure hundred percent the boomerang principle again and again. Most people gets on the same rake constantly. This, unfortunately, cannot be changed. That is our nature.


Aries boomerang back their words, which they rarely watched. On the one hand, it’s good that they are honest, but, on the other hand, it is destructive for them. It so happens that you need the assistance of a colleague, and he reminds RAM of his offense. About helping the Rams rarely ask, but in life everything happens. Then they boomerang on the head and slaps.


Taureans have a very high opinion about themselves, so the fate returns them to their feelings in the form of love failures. Almost all the Bulls I think that the ideal so often wreak havoc in a relationship. This negatively affects their personal life.


The twins don’t appreciate what others are doing, so often left alone. Their light-mindedness and complete indifference to those who save their lives, loves them and cares for them — that constantly flies to him like a boomerang, taking friends and loved ones, and with them luck.


The curse of Cancers that never lets go is manipulation. They love when everything is under their control, so the stars are doing often so that their life comes chaos, which destroys their good mood, taking away the nerves.


Lions only think about themselves and their family, taking care all around. For them, the world revolves on a special orbit, the center of which they are themselves. When it comes to loved ones, they go from the lions. Friends at the Lion little some make-believers, and hypocrites — what they do is what you get. It is a selfish Sign, which is surrounded by the same people as he is.


Virgo is constantly doubting everything and constantly thinks about the poor. Such a universe does not forgive any one Sign of the Zodiac, depriving him good luck. Unfounded negative returns like a boomerang is quite a causal failure in love, business and finances.


Libra is too careless, so their life is always a lot of difficulties. They rarely go to the doctor, not watching how much you spend, not eat. Then they wonder why they have little money and poor health.


Scorpios love intrigue, manipulation and easily stop to chat with people who like you. That is why behind them often talk. That is why the stars and the universe that surrounds them problems, depriving of the ability to determine good and bad people.


Sagittarians tactless and too freedom-loving. The impression that they think only about themselves. They love it when you call them winners, so ready to do anything for the first place. The principle of the boomerang for them turns into regular small and annoying problems.


Capricorns love to play the kings of the world. They are overly serious, so it comes back to haunt him in the form of a curious unpleasant situations over which all laugh at them. This is rare, but neatly.


Aquarians see themselves as heroes, destined to save the world from troubles and disasters. They are trying to bring into the world their thoughts, to impose them on other people and make it truth, that the fate of their severely punishes family problems and unexpected issues — they often throw even the best of friends.


With Fish everything is simple — they are dreamers, who live only with thoughts about beauty. They lack seriousness, why punish yourself, because few people take them seriously.

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