The lawyer who has conquered the world of hockey

L’avocat qui a conquis le monde du hockey

Julien BriseBois was not at all a job compared to hockey in his youth. Coup de théâtre, the one who was destined to a career of a tax lawyer is today the general manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning, a training candidate in the honors each year.

On Friday, the Quebec has been invited by the national hockey League to discuss in a call video of the challenges faced by young people DG of the circuit Bettman. At 43 years old, BriseBois is, in effect, the third director-general, the youngest in the national hockey League (NHL) after John Chayka (30 years) of the Coyotes of Arizona and Kyle Dubas (34) of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

“This was not planned at all. I played hockey growing up like everyone else in Canada, but baseball was my true passion, has he entrusted to you. This is the sport that I was doing ; I ate when I was young. I wasn’t very good either and I ended up going to study law.”

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The one who began his career in the hands of the Montreal canadiens says lucky to have been hired at the time where at least half of the NHL teams had a Scranton personal injury attorney among the members of their operations hockey.

“Today, the majority of the people involved who are not former players or coaches are mathematicians, programmers or economists. But there is 20-25 years, it was the lawyers,” said the one who became director of operations hockey CH in 2003 after rising through the ranks.

After several positions in the american League, he has finally tasted the post of DG in the NHL in 2018. “My plan was to become a tax lawyer, so I’m pretty far from that today,” blagué BriseBois.

The novelty of the business

The native of Greenfield Park has been called upon to comment on his use of advanced statistics, which allow a vision of a more push the hockey in the evaluation of young players. The DG of the “Bolts” is of the opinion that it is necessary to find the right balance in their use.

“It gives us a different perspective. Most of the time, it confirms to us what we can already see with our eyes, but sometimes it raises a question and it is necessary to investigate. […] It was then conversations with recruiters who have had a visual and it allows us to have a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the player”, he said.

Speaking of building a training for the future, BriseBois can never really rely on its selections in the first round who end up being late because of the success of the team. The hockey man is used so to improve his team at the trade deadline.

“Now, all of my choices for the first round are similar to the selections of the second round. […] We are in a situation where we could improve our team at the deadline the past two years. We have still been able to make it this year and we look forward to fulfill all the potential that has this group”, he said.

Already in a very good position for the playoffs, the Lightning will be able to count on the services of his captain Steven Stamkos when the action picks up. Coach Jon Cooper has announced the new Friday. The centre player had to be operated on march 2, for treating a muscle injury to the abdominal muscles.

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