The lawyer wrote Alexander Gorodinsky shown by the statement of “Georgian sniper” about the shootings on the Maidan. Document

Адвокат беркутовцев Александр Горошинский показал заявление "грузинского снайпера" о расстрелах на Майдане. Документ

The attorney representing the former employees of “Berkut” in Svyatoshinsky court of Kiev, where the case is heard about their alleged involvement in mass executions of people on Maidan in February 2014, Alexander Gorodinsky provided a copy of one of the notarized statements of one of the “Georgian snipers” Alexander Revazishvili.

He said this in an interview to Ukrainian news.

The document says: “in the winter of 2014, I was an eyewitness to the events that took place in Kiev, Ukraine.

The group, together with other citizens of Georgia, I participated in the events on Independence square in Kyiv on 18-20 February 2014. I was a witness of mass executions organized by the persons who later occupied high posts in the Ukrainian government.

Information about the events I wish to convey to the Ukrainian justice and believe that the truth about the events on the Maidan need to bring to the Ukrainian public.

I inform you that I was questioned as a witness by the Prosecutor of the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus in the framework of the international legal order of law enforcement bodies of Ukraine. The Prosecutor of the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus I gave testimony on the events that occurred in February 2014 at the Independence square in Kiev.

Given the above, I once again appeal and request to provide my interrogation in the court session via video link, providing an opportunity to convey the truth about the events of 18-20 February 2014 at the Independence square in Kiev. …”.

Адвокат беркутовцев Александр Горошинский показал заявление "грузинского снайпера" о расстрелах на Майдане. Документ

Адвокат беркутовцев Александр Горошинский показал заявление "грузинского снайпера" о расстрелах на Майдане. Документ

Адвокат беркутовцев Александр Горошинский показал заявление "грузинского снайпера" о расстрелах на Майдане. Документ


According to the lawyer, “the Georgian snipers” are people who have passed military training in the Georgian army. Behind them there part in fighting the so-called Abkhazian and South Ossetian wars of the conflict. George of Beritashvili Iraq, Afghanistan. All of them were trained in special camps under the so-called leadership of the movement “Free zone” controlled by the entourage of the then President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili.

According to them, they were used to carry out “political orders” of the Saakashvili regime: the suppression of the popular protests of the Georgian opposition, pressure, kidnapping local businessmen. The people they were called “Sonderkommando”. Running the whole Mamuka Mamulashvili, a former Georgian soldier, advocate and active supporter of Saakashvili, who oversaw the so-called Sonderkommando, who conducted the massacre of political opponents of Saakashvili.

It was he, according to the Georgian citizens were directly involved in their recruitment to participate in the events on the Maidan in 2013-2014.

Now Mamulashvili – the commander of “Georgian Legion”.

As noted by Gorodinsky, these people are willing to give interviews and to appear in documentaries, despite the fact that they face criminal liability, out of fear for his own life. Their countrymen who participated in the crimes on Maidan in 2014, began to disappear and die under mysterious circumstances. And Nergadze, and Beritashvili, and Bajelidze, and Revazishvili reported that they received threats. They were forced into hiding in other countries, in particular in Belarus.

“It should be understood that these people were not always legal work, they know a lot of things that can shed light on the crime are very senior people. After a series of threats and attacks, when Georgia has a new President, the witness was advised to go to journalists and tell the truth. In the subsequent witnesses gave interviews to journalists,” says Gorodinsky.

Also the defender said, why the interrogation took place in the Prosecutor’s office of Belarus, although Svyatoshinsky court of Kyiv gave them the opportunity to give evidence via video link from Armenia.

According to him, Svyatoshinsky court of Kyiv, which considered the proceedings against ex-employees of “Berkut”, granted his petition for interrogation of two citizens of Georgia, Nergadze and Revazishvili from the territory of Armenia. They have information that they are unsafe is in Armenia, and they moved out of the country.

“For a long time they had to hide so they temporarily lost communication. Only later they turned up in Belarus, where, according to them, found a safe place and once again confirmed their readiness to testify about the events on the Maidan in 2014”, – said Gorodinsky.

The interrogation of George Bezhitashvili, Alexander Revazishvili and the Caesars of Bajelidze was made by the General Prosecutor of the Republic of Belarus under the video, where witnesses confirmed the previously announced information about the organization and the participation of the “leaders” of the Maidan, in particular Parubiy, Pashinsky, Saakashvili and others in mass executions of policemen and activists of the February 20, 2014

You should pay attention to the fact that in proceedings for criminal prosecution of former employees of “Berkut” protection has twice applied to Svyatoshinskogo district court about the interrogation of these witnesses. But the GPU stubbornly objected, not wanting to hear testimony on key issues that are relevant to the case and establish the truth on the events of the Maidan.

According to Horoshevskogo, formed a firm opinion that in Ukraine a lot of influential people, who are extremely interested in the fact that eyewitness accounts of crimes on the Maidan were recorded under oath and became the basis for their scrutiny.

“To test the credibility of witnesses is very simple – to provide an opportunity for all parties – prosecutors, the defence, representatives of victims and victims – to ask questions and on the basis of the responses received to draw conclusions. The people of Ukraine have for almost 6 years doesn’t know the truth about the perpetrators of the death of people during protests on the Maidan. Many people understand who really was the best death of Ukrainians – those who are on blood came into power,” he said.

According to the lawyer, according to three witnesses – George, Beritashvili, Alexander Revazishvili and Caesars bajelidze of their arrival in Ukraine was carefully prepared. Witnesses reported that at the airports of Tbilisi and Kyiv were organized for the passages without the border control. They arrived in Ukraine with passports in other names. As they explained the purpose of the visit: “the support of the protesters on the Maidan and creating chaos.”

And provided them crossing borders with no control on forged documents personally Andriy Parubiy. Led by their “work” directly Sergei Pashinsky. Also, as they say, control their actions on the Maidan were doing assistants Parubiy and an American military instructor Christopher Brian.

In addition, based on the evidence, Pashinsky along with others was personally delivered small arms to the hotel “Ukraine”. Pashinsky also brought weapons and ammunition to the Conservatory. Also on the morning of January 20, personally led the fire on a crowd of protesters from the balcony of the Conservatory. Among other fire led Vladimir Parasyuk with his father.

Moreover, as follows from the testimony of witnesses, it Pashinsky gave the team 20 February 2014, fire and employees of “Berkut” and protesters from the building of the Conservatory.

According to the lawyer, he is faithful to the authenticity of the testimony, “the Georgian snipers.” “If “Georgian snipers” was a fake, the court has long been questioned and debunked this alleged myth. A clear indicator in this matter was the behaviour of the GPU in the Svyatoshinsky court, who did everything possible so that the interrogation did not take place.”

Earlier it was reported that “Georgian snipers” Maidan testified in the Prosecutor General’s office of Belarus. Video.

We also wrote that the GPU stopped the investigation against the Euromaidan sniper.

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