“The league of vigilantes” or a bazaar of heroic figures

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The last-born Zack Snyder is a succession of flips, pyrotechnics, such as what the blockbusters of the same ilk we have been so well accustomed to.

Whether you like it or not, superheroes have been successful in their conquest of the screens and, by extension, their rule without sharing in the popular culture, present throughout the year, and not only when returns in the summer. And to ensure a better strike force, they are grouped together, allowing the extension of the useful life of the veterans, such as Batman, the Hulk and Iron Man, and the testing of the neglected hitherto, confined to the paper, Aquaman for example.


Fans of the genre have understood that the arsenal deployed by the skilful Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen), first in Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice and now in the Justice League, has only one purpose : DC Comics wants to kill Marvel with its Avengers. However, in this globalised world of ours, it would not be surprising that a clash between Captain America and Superman drags somewhere in the box of ideas of a writer, patented.


By the beginning of the supposed hostilities, others are in progress, have led to the emergence of Wonder Woman, including the film solo signed Patty Jenkins raised the bar of the blockbuster, and the emergence of heroes minors as The Flash (Ezra Miller, keyed up to the irritation), or Aquaman (Jason Momoa), the Neptune of the poor. This group of protectors of the widow and the orphan all over the world are having a hard time recovering, like the rest of the world, of the death of Superman (Henry Cavill, the more heat that inhabited), another drama that haunts Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck has nothing to envy to George Clooney in the same position), or Batman, the one consciousness is already overburdened guilt neurotic. As we know, there is nothing better than a common enemy, and tyrannical, to solder the rows and bind the wounds of the ego.


Once again, humanity short his loss, courtesy of an evocation of the intergalactic of the Minotaur (with the muffled voice of Ciarán Hinds), but you can count on the unbridled imagination of Snyder and his cronies to make a few resurrections spectacular and deploy the heavy artillery, especially in front of a band of dragonflies as invaders to be radioactive. This technology deployment is a welcome distraction to this mechanical narrative in charge of setting the table to a crowd of characters who have the right to ten minutes of glory blue vw truck, and a five of gossip philosophico-apocalyptic.


In the hands of the director of Man of Steel, it is not surprising that the case looks like a bazaar of heroic figures to the powers euphoric, in a succession of pirouettes, pyrotechnics, like what films of the same ilk we have been so well accustomed to. This gigantic reservoir of wild stories in the middle of landscapes devastated sometimes resembles an oil field : one says, that one day the source will eventually dry up.

The league of vigilantes (V. F. of the Justice League)
★★ 1/2

A fantasy drama by Zack Snyder. With Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill, Ezra Miller. United states, 2017, 121 minutes.

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