The legend of the flower mother and stepmother

Usually by this time it was growing warmer, and the snow was melting.

Легенда про квітку мати-й-мачуха

The Slavs believed that as soon as blooms mother-and-stepmother, Stepanov wreath loses its power – Aug 15, wove the family members all together. And usually this wreath used for the treatment of diseases as amulet and talisman. Garland pulled out the plants and brewed them into tea. The house was filled with the aroma, which is also considered curative. 10 APR also tore the mother-and-stepmother, was prepared on the basis of different drugs, reports Rus.Media.

It was believed that a mother and stepmother is “responsible” for orphans and helps them overcome loneliness. There was a legend about this flower. So, was the daughter of one woman, and mother loved her very much. But, unfortunately, the girl died, and the maternal love became a flower, felted side of the sheet had covered the grave of the girl. But was this woman more and stepdaughter, which she disliked. Therefore, the other side of the sheet is more rigid.

It was believed that the April 10, definitely need to clean the pond, previously crossed to the water in the pool is not pulled. Also on 10 April, near the pond in any case it was impossible to quarrel and swear.

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