The level of air pollution in Ukraine has broken all records

Уровень загрязнения воздуха в Украине побил все рекорды

In Ukraine the level of air pollution broke all records

Now the concentration in the atmosphere carbon monoxide is the same as in industrialized areas of the world’s largest economies — USA and China. About this in Facebook wrote activist Evgeny Soikin.

“Over the Ukraine now has the highest concentration of CO in the world, comparable to the industrial areas of China or the new York Metropolitan area! But we have a close and there is no such concentration of people and businesses! Covered half of the country from Kiev to Kharkiv, from Vinnitsa to Mariupol…” — wrote on Facebook activist Evgeny Soikin.

Уровень загрязнения воздуха в Украине побил все рекорды

He also wondered what could so pollute the air in Ukraine.
“What the hell? That could pollute the air in the Ukraine?” — added Saikin.

Gschs in Kiev has published a table of the status of air pollution in the city.

In the explanation it is noted that the weather in Kiev will not contribute to the dispersion of harmful impurity in a ground layer of air.

Recently in the South near Odessa police found items that emit radiation above normal 500 times.

Уровень загрязнения воздуха в Украине побил все рекорды

The radiation source was the equipment of one of the state scientific and production centers. As reported in the security Service of Ukraine, the danger is eliminated.

Originally planned to take dangerous objects from the territory of the city, but it could cause radioactive contamination of the environment and endangering the local population. In connection with this equipment with observance of all norms of safety were sent to disposal at a specialized enterprise.

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