The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached a historic high

Уровень углекислого газа в атмосфере достиг исторического максимума

The station of monitoring of atmospheric air in Hawaii this past weekend, may 11-12, recorded the highest content of carbon dioxide.

For the first time in history it exceeded the 415 parts per million and amounted to 415,26 ppm.

These figures on the planet was for millions of years, according to

“What is our life? Game!”Уровень углекислого газа в атмосфере достиг исторического максимума“World mind games”: a premiere at the World Just a few years ago the pollution has reached the level of 400 ppm, and very quickly (in 2017) has risen to 410 ppm.

The average growth rate remains high, experts say.

“The growth from last year will probably amount to about three parts per million, whereas last time the average was 2.5 ppm”, – said the Director of the CO2 program Scripps Ralph Keeling.

The main cause of emissions – use of fossil fuels.

Already in 1910 the content of CO2 in the atmosphere has reached 300 ppm, which was the highest figure for the previous 800,000 years, and just over a century it has jumped a hundred particles.

If the growth rates continue, the Earth is back on the hundreds of millions of years ago, in the time of global warming, when at the South pole were trees.

Scientists can not yet predict how this will affect human civilization. But it is obvious that we should expect major changes.

It is noted that carbon dioxide accumulates not only in air but also in water. This leads to extensive dead zones.