The liberal government is addressing poverty

Le gouvernement libéral s'attaque à la pauvreté

The federal government promises more money to more municipalities in order to assist in the fight against homelessness.

The minister of Family, Children and social Development, Jean-Yves Duclos, promised Monday to the cities which tackle poverty an envelope of $ 1.25 billion for the next nine years.

The changes announced Monday will bring more details on what program that the activists and municipalities are anxiously waiting since the liberals have promised, in June, to reorganize the federal strategy to fight against homelessness.

Since their election three years ago, the liberals have a long, hard look on the federal program, after having heard the complaints from municipalities about the administrative red tape, inadequate funding, and unrealistic expectations about the speed with which the money should be spent.

The envelope of $ 1.25 billion announced Monday, should help broaden the scope of the federal program, which would “four to six new designated communities”, according to Ottawa. In the course of the next nine years, Ottawa hope you can stay around 160 000 people in housing, providing greater stability, said.

Indigenous peoples

New expenditures are also provided for aboriginal peoples – a group over-represented in shelters for homeless, but it is unknown currently the amount of these expenses. The liberal government says it is working with national aboriginal groups to determine how best to allocate new money to this chapter.

The new strategy “Towards home” instead of in April of the current partnering Strategy homelessness. In Quebec, the federal program is administered from 2001 through agreements of joint implementation. Negotiations are ongoing with the government of Québec in order to allocate the funds after April, says the federal department.

The details of the strategy “Towards a home-from-home” have been presented to the approach of the deposit by the liberals in the Commons of a bill to enshrine in law a plan to lift more than two million people out of poverty. This act would establish, for the first time, a “poverty level” official to the country. The government has informed the deputies before the weekend that he planned to file the bill this week.

The objectives of poverty reduction are already included in the latest draft of the law for the implementation of the budget of the liberals, that constitutes the first phase of a more comprehensive effort to reduce poverty in Canada. The government strategy sets targets of a 20% reduction compared to the level of 2015 by 2020, and by 50% by 2030.

The bill also provides for the establishment of an advisory committee which would advise the minister and would require annual reports to Parliament on the government’s progress in combating poverty.