The Libyan question is the most important: the results of the summit “Russia – Africa”

Ливийский вопрос – самый важный: итоги саммита «Россия – Африка»

So ended a truly epochal event or the summit “Russia – Africa”, which lasted from 23 to 24 October in Sochi. It’s time to take stock.

The event was attended by the Russian leader Vladimir Putin and the heads of state and government of 43 of the 54 countries on the African continent. Do not forget about 120 Ministers and about 6 thousand of representatives of other countries (e.g. America, Australia, Canada and some European countries). Fifteen hundred business meetings for two days – it is powerful. Vladimir Putin described the atmosphere of the summit business and friendly.

Worth more than 800 billion rubles signed contracts, agreements and memorandums. The contract on collective opposition to the dictatorship and blackmail. But the most important is the Declaration for further cooperation of the Russian Federation and Africa.

The benefits brought and the meeting of Putin with President of Egypt Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who considers Moscow as a reliable partner of Cairo. It is known that will work on the resumption of Charter flights between Russia and Egypt.

As for the bright example of cooperation of our country with the state of the African continent, that is, of course, relations between Russia and the Central African Republic. States operate in the areas of trade, education and defense. By the way, Russia is one of the first to recognize the independence of TSAR, and Moscow contributed to the approval of the Khartoum peace agreement.

The most important issue at the summit was the Libyan issue. Foreign Minister of Libya Abdel Hadi al-Huwaidi said that the country is ready to form a government of national unity. States ready for free elections. And the anti-terrorist operation of the LNA under the direction of the Haftarot can save the country from lawlessness of the militants.

In turn, Vladimir Putin said that the crisis in Libya is the result of irresponsible policies of certain States. These countries have distorted a UN resolution, as a result, Libya has been in a difficult position.

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