The Lighthouse always in the plans, but with 20 floors of less

Le Phare toujours dans les plans, mais avec 20 étages de moins

The main tower of the Lighthouse of Quebec will rise to 45 storeys, or 20 less than planned. Major changes, including the arrival of a new business partner, are on the menu of the mega-project, private, learned The Newspaper.

The vast project will count 60 % less offices than expected. The housing units will be decreased, and the auditorium of 1250 seats will be just not the day. Also, the total number of parking spaces will be lowered. However, it is expected that the hotel capacity is increased.

The latest version of the Flagship, on which we were able to put the hand, therefore no longer has much to do with that unveiled, with great fanfare, at the beginning of 2015. Five years ago, there was talk of a new “symbol” for Quebec city and boasted the advent of the tallest building east of Toronto.

Of course, it is always a question of four towers building in Sainte-Foy, at the head of bridges. But the main tower will not be more than 45 floors. The other three towers had to be 51, 30, and 18 floors, according to the latest plans unveiled by Groupe Dallaire in June 2018. However, the new sketches consulted suggest that these heights will also be reduced.

New main sponsor

If the Group Dallaire remains a financial partner of the project, we note the advent of a new main partner – COGIR real Estate – which administers, among others, close to 20 000 houses in Quebec, Ontario and the United States, including a network of 50 private residences for seniors.

More specifically, DevMcGill, development division COGIR, will now be at the helm. DevMcGill is the origin of the joint project luxurious Humaniti in the international District of Montreal.

Ready for the end of 2024?

The wish of the promoters of the Lighthouse now is to quickly restart the project in order to start the construction in October 2021. If all goes well, is expected to complete the work in three years, that is, toward the end of 2024.

Regulatory changes will be necessary. It evokes in particular the removal of the requirement to build a hub for the tram. It is a formality, since the administration Labeaume announced in early 2020, that this pole will not be finally located under the Headlight.

Despite the current context of a health crisis, the proponents wish to obtain various regulatory amendments by the end of 2020. They also hope that a process of citizen consultations “light”. According to them, the new version of the project responds to the critical of critical citizens heard over the years.

The main complaints raised since the beginning are the height of the project, and the risk of traffic congestion is increased in a sector already well stocked in the city.

The Lighthouse

Depending on the version of June 2018

  • Project of $ 755 million $
  • Four towers on the site that was once the Inn of the Governors
  • A main tower of 65 floors (250 meters) and four rounds of 51, 30 and 18-storey
  • An observatory restaurant, 229 condos, 270 apartments, a 156-room hotel and numerous office spaces
  • An auditorium of 1250 seats
  • A public place at the heart of the four towers
  • A residence for seniors
  • An underground station for the transport network structuring
  • Many shops
  • 1058 residential units
  • 3000 parking spaces

Source : Study DeRico Experts-Conseils

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