The list of dangerous products that cause addictive

Список опасных продуктов, вызывающих привыкание

Doctors from the University of Colorado announced the list of dangerous products that cause addictive.

Their use develops into an acute addiction, which eventually triggers a failure in the body and, subsequently, obesity.

The specialists studied about hundreds of products, which are popular among the population. Among them was the most dangerous bite that makes the person addictive.

So, among such products, the top consists of very tasty and familiar ingredients, which is really hard to refuse. Pizza, chocolate, crisps and ice cream all have been accustomed to use on almost every walk. Bakery products are often taken as a snack.

Followed by sweet soda, which all used to eat in unlimited quantities, especially in the heat. Also on the list were burgers, cupcakes, cheese and bacon.

The list consists of highly processed foods which contain unhealthy fats and sugar. Dr. Nicole Avena recommends that you completely remove from your diet such products to in the future does not have to treat obesity. It also provided a list of products that can be harmful. Among them, cucumbers, carrots, beans, apples, brown rice, broccoli, bananas, salmon, corn, strawberries.


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