The list of hazardous fruits and berries

Список вредных фруктов и ягод

Fruits and berries can harm the health. They contain bioactive components, whose effects on the body can be aggressive and damaging. Experts ekologicheski organization Environmental Working Group has compiled a list of the gifts of nature.

In particular, scientists recommend to carefully monitor the use of such fruits as pears. These fruit contain a lot of roughage, which can cause digestive upset and become too heavy a test of strength for the delicate mucosa of the stomach and intestines.

Next is the grape. Its berries are rich in natural sugars, so consuming grapes often leads to fermentation in the stomach.
Bloating and increased flatulence may “reward” the watermelons, and these fruits are also included in the rating. The experts strongly advised not to eat watermelon, if you soon have lunch or dinner, and not eat them after taking other food.

For those who like apricots and peaches, you should always be aware of moderation – these fruits are also the scientists mentioned in your list. According to them, apricots and peaches irritate the stomach.

Also care should eat cherries. It is not recommended for people with gastritis with high acidity of gastric juice and diabetes. Fresh berries of sweet cherry can not eat immediately after eating – this can cause gas and indigestion.

Joined the most harmful citrus fruit and their juice may be too corrosive to mucous membranes. People with diseases of the pancreas, of the stomach and duodenum from the citrus should be abandoned altogether.


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