The lost star of the House-2 Anastasiya Tarasyuk was pregnant

Погибшая звезда  Дома-2  Анастасия Тарасюк была беременна

The deceased star of “House-2” Anastasiya Tarasyuk was pregnant
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Anastasiya Tarasyuk. Photo: Instagram

According to one version, the child’s father is a rich COP convicted for taking bribes.

Deceased former participant of the TV project “Dom-2” Anastasia Tarasyuk was in the second month of pregnancy. On this edition of “StarHit” said the ex-boyfriend of the girl albert Rubbers.

– Yes, she was pregnant. It was an accident, pregnant. Had her former policeman who is now on trial for bribery and abuse of office. He found a lot of money. Anastasia he has strongly supported and sponsored. They met at some fancy restaurant, where Anastasia hung out, I think “White Rabbit”. He had two or three children, told Rubber.

Ex-boyfriend Tarasyuk not sure that the father of her child is this convicted COP. But, according to him, influential lover was very unhappy with the pregnancy of the girl. Rubber I am sure that the constant scandals with her boyfriend and pushed Tarasyuk to suicide.

It is often brought to hysterics. So she jumped out of the window. And he, to make amends, decided to arrange a lavish funeral. From the detention facility agreed that she was buried at the troyekurovskoye cemetery, I bought her a coffin for 200 thousand. Think for yourself, how her poor family from the city get the money?, told Rubber.

Погибшая звезда  Дома-2  Анастасия Тарасюк была беременна

Anastasiya Tarasyuk. Photo: Instagram

24-year-old Anastasiya Tarasyuk had jumped from the 19th floor on July 22. Her body was found by passersby on the streets of Minsk in Moscow, under the Windows of the luxury high-rises, where she had recently rented an apartment. Show “Dom-2”, which made it popular, Tarasyuk left in 2013-m to year.

July 4, committed suicide another member of telestroke, 20-year-old Polina Lobanova. The girl’s body in the apartment was found by relatives. Three days before the death of Lobanov celebrated the anniversary.





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