The lottery sales are in free fall in Quebec

Les ventes de billets de loterie sont en chute libre au Québec

 Sales of lottery tickets have been known to be an inevitable steep fall since the announcement of the closure of all terminals Loto-Québec and the suspension of the sale of physical tickets, in response to the pandemic.

Since Friday evening, the internet is the one and only way to get a ticket in Quebec. It is now impossible to buy a scratch card or a lottery ticket in person at the convenience store, grocery store, newsstand, or at the pharmacy.

If they want to have a chance of winning the next big jackpot of$ 70 Million in the Lotto Max tomorrow, Quebecers must create an account with Espacejeux on the web site of Loto-Québec with a credit card and confirm that they are indeed major.

At 22 march, the State-owned company were 557 000 active customers who have played at least once online in the last year (casino virtual, lottery, sports betting). The figure is not updated since registration requests are flocking by “tens of thousands” since. A never-before-seen. The employees of Loto-Québec, overwhelmed, are struggling to respond to the many clients who need help to complete their online registration.

“This is an exceptional situation and we ask people to be patient and understanding. We have added more staff, but we can’t respond to thousands of people at once. It meets from 7 p.m. to midnight these days, ” said the spokesman of Loto-Québec, Patrice Lavoie.

5 % of sales of the Lotto Max

If it has not been possible to obtain figures for all of the lotteries, the results released Wednesday for the Lotto Max are nevertheless revealing.

Les ventes de billets de loterie sont en chute libre au Québec

Photo courtesyPatrice Lavoie
Spokesperson for Loto-Quebec

On Tuesday evening, a sum of$ 65 Million was at stake for the lottery canada. The total sales, across the country, amounted to only$ 22.7 Million. The market share of Loto-Quebec, tiny, was only 5.2 %. This means that Quebecers have spent$ 1.2 M for this sweepstakes, a ” notable decline “, admits Patrice Lavoie.

For example, canadian sales had reached$ 46 Million for the last jackpot similar, last February. That$ 70 Million won in Lévis, recently, had generated sales of$ 54 Million. Note that Loto-Québec is an exception in the country since it is the only lottery corporation, which has suspended the sale of physical tickets.

Batches as high as before

Although the revenues were lower, the future big lots will not be less generous for all, advance-t-on.

“Despite the drop in sales when the jackpot for the Lotto Max be won, it will decrease the amount provided and will follow the curve expected to increase as long as it is not earned. Large lots will not be lower, ” says Mr. Lavoie.

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