The Louvre Museum reopens Monday, in a version post-Covid

Le Musée du Louvre rouvre lundi en version post-Covid

Paris | The Louvre Museum, the largest and the most visited in the world, will reopen Monday in a register, a minor, with all possible precautions and without the many tourists, asian and american usual in this season.

The crisis of the coronavirus has already caused “more than 40 million euros of losses,” at the Louvre, has announced its president-director Jean-Luc Martinez, who is expected to three years financially difficult and calls for a revival by the “cultural democratization” in the direction of the youth and public to be more modest, ile-de-france in particular.

About 70 % of the public institution, which is 45 000 m2, will be available. Busy areas, as well as the Antiquities, including egyptian, will be open to the public. The places which are more complex to manage, will remain for the time being closed.

“We lose 80 % of our audience. 75 % of our visitors are of foreign origin. We are going to have at best 20-30 % of our audience in the summer of 2019, between 4000 and 10 000 visitors per day” this summer, had assessed Jean-Luc Martinez in a press briefing last week. More question as some days last summer of having to refuse of the world.

The reservation date are open since 15 June on the internet and remain the preferred route for access to the Louvre, but it will be possible to try its luck by coming on the spot if there are any slots remained free. On June 24, the last number provided was 12 000 bookings, mainly in the month of July.

Visitors will be required to bring their masks, there will be no changing rooms or refreshment, and the course will be arrow without back to back, and all output will be final.

In front of the mona lisa, where tourists from around the world flocking to take “selfies”, the round parking have been glued to the floor to avoid the hustle and bustle.

To make up the curves of the crowds, visits to the “mini-discovery” for free and without a reservation will be put in place as well as guided tours to young people.

The more than three months of closure have been the occasion for the communication teams to develop the virtual museum online, with many movies, podcasts, games, all of which have been very popular. With the hope that this attendance online will encourage the general public, especially the young, to move in the halls, enjoying the relative tranquility conducive to contemplation.

The museum is working with the ministry of Culture to a “transformation plan,” said the president, without further details. “We need to be at the rendezvous in 2023-2024 and prepare for the olympic Games. Open more hours, more rooms, this is the bet of 2024”, he said.

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