The LPG in Ukraine sell cheaper than 11 hryvnia per liter

During the day, the cost of a litre of fuel dropped 20 cents.

Автогаз в Україні продають дешевше 11 гривен за літр

Autogas continues to become cheaper in retail. Just a day average price of fuel at legal gas stations fell by 20 cents per liter to 10.99 UAH. Last time this price level was recorded on the Ukrainian filling stations is in July 2017. After reduced propane-butane in retail never dropped below 12.5 UAH./l, informs Rus.Media.

The decline in fuel prices, the experts first explained the increase in imports of fuel and low season. And this surge has been caused by massive revision in the cost of LPG in the networks of several major retailers.

Thus, according to the monitoring consulting group “A-95”, February 5 price tags reviewed almost all petrol stations. Immediately by 43 kopecks./l. the cost of fuel has dropped at the pump Amic, and Ukrnafta avias “dumped” at a price of 34 and 17 kopecks./l, respectively.

OKKO and Wog today “blow out” the LPG in the cylinders of the drivers in 11, 3 and 11.29 UAH./L. It is 30 cents cheaper than Monday, February 4. Even lower price tags put “gray” charger. For example, in the Kiev region the fuel is sold even below 10 UAH./L.