The Macedonian President refused to rename the country

Президент Македонии отказался переименовывать страну

Macedonian President George Ivanov refused to sign a law approving the agreement to change the name of the former Yugoslav republics, saying that it violates the Constitution.

This writes MIA.

Ivanov said that he had “no mandate to sign the agreement.”

“The agreement puts the Republic of Macedonia in a position of slavery and dependence relative to the other countries, i.e. Greece,” — said in a statement.

According to the Constitution, in the event of veto by the President of the state of law will once again be held parliamentary procedure and then must be voted by an absolute majority of the total number of deputies, that is to receive the green light from at least 61 deputies. The agreement in this case is again sent to the President who under the Constitution is obliged to sign it.

Recall, the Macedonian Parliament ratified the agreement with Greece about the renaming of the former Yugoslav Republic. Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said that the new name of Macedonia, the Republic of North Macedonia – will be put to a national referendum this fall.

Macedonia sought as soon as possible to ratify the agreement at the meeting of the EU Council on June 25-26 to get a long-awaited agreement on start of negotiations on accession to the EU.

The dispute regarding the name Macedonia lasted from 1991 — time of the independence of Macedonia. For this a long time blocked the entry of Macedonia into the EU and NATO.

Immediately after reaching agreement in the EU and NATO have declared that they are ready to accession negotiations with Macedonia after the name change.

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