The Macedonian President refused to sign the agreement on renaming

The Macedonian President said that the agreement with Greece is not in conformity with the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonian President George Ivanov said that he would not sign an agreement with Greece about the renaming of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia “Republic of North Macedonia”.

Президент Македонии отказался подписывать соглашение о переименовании

About it the President said in a televised address to the nation, reports Kurir. According to the President of Macedonia, the conclusion of the agreement with Greece on the country’s name is a personal decision of the Prime Minister Zoran zaeva and Minister of foreign Affairs Nikola Dimitrov.

Ivanov also said that the agreement is inconsistent with the Constitution of Macedonia and its laws, “to the detriment of the country and is opaque.” “A possible future entry into the EU and NATO cannot be a justification for the conclusion of such a Treaty,” he said. He also added that his position is final and that he will not depart from it “under any pressure or threats.”

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