The machinists union delighted the sale of the shares of Bombardier

Le syndicat des machinistes ravi de la vente des parts de Bombardier

MONTREAL | The international Association of machinists and workers aerospace (IAMAW) said on Thursday that the withdrawal of Bombardier limited partnership A-220 is “the best-case scenario in the circumstances.”

“The complete withdrawal of Bombardier in the construction of commercial aircraft represents the end of an era, said by way of a press release the co-ordinator quebec IAMAW, David Chartrand. We already know the intentions of Airbus, which is planning to expand [its] footprint in Quebec. For us, the important thing has always been to preserve the jobs, working conditions and our ecosystem for aerospace in quebec.”

Late Wednesday night, Bombardier has indicated its intention to sell its shares in the project of A-220, which is now up to the giant of the aviation european Airbus and Investment Quebec, and this puts an end to months of uncertainty for employees, according to the union.

The transaction also allows the subsidiary to Airbus, Stelia, to recover a part of the activities of the factory of Bombardier’s Saint-Laurent borough, in Montréal, including the manufacture of cockpits, the aft fuselage and the various components of the A-220.

The company will also provide the manufacture of components for the models A-320 and A-330 Airbus.

In total, the backlog of Stelia is filled to 36 months of work, which will allow the retention of 360 jobs in the montreal plant.

The IAMAW represents 184 000 workers throughout the world.

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