The magic operates again

La magie opère à nouveau

For a second time in a week, Man, and his flamboyant suite in put full the eyes of the carnival-goers gathered in High Town for the holding of the second parade of the Quebec winter Carnival, Saturday night.

They were tens of thousands to be massed on the outskirts of the Vast Driveway to cheer on the floats eclectic format revamped the traditional parade.

“They are always different themes. We see the children enjoy creativity, their imagination is stimulated. It is this that is pleasant to see, ” testified Gabriela Fragoso, who did live the experience of the Carnival for the first time to his sister.

Apart from some sound adjustments, the carnival-goers have had the right to “98 percent” the same “beautiful parade” that the previous Saturday, according to the artistic director, Alexis Ferland.

“We believe in this concept and we see, that it’s a formula that works,” he says.


“Once again, many visitors from the four corners of the world attended this traditional event. A sign that the efforts to internationalize the Carnival affect their target, ” observes the director-general, Mélanie Raymond. ”

“What is the easiest in the universal language, the arts and music. The show has the particularity to be held in the evening and in the winter. People want to live and we must make it accessible, both for a single adult and for parents with children. It is this that is the magic “, the judge does it.


The Centrale des syndicats du Québec (CSQ), which represents workers in public health and education, has taken advantage of the parade to be seen in the margin of union negotiations.

A contingent of a few hundreds of unionized Montreal, Trois-Rivières and Sherbrooke, in particular, has made the trip expressly to see peacefully among the crowds, waving flags.

“This is an action of visibility, to say that the negotiations begin, so that people are aware of it,” said Luc Marcoux, an employee of support of the Cégep de Sherbrooke.

In addition, the Québec police reported no incidents in connection with the parade on Saturday night. A single ticket has been awarded for a breach of the municipal regulations.

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