The main danger in childbirth, which every woman should know!

The birth process is painful for women, but absolutely natural. Only lazy reminds women that their purpose is to be mothers, and some gynecologists even operates on the principle “give birth and all will be well”.

Головні небезпеки при пологах, про які повинна знати кожна жінка!

Nevertheless, hormonal changes, and then processes delivery is given to most women is not easy. The load on the mother’s body during pregnancy crazy increase, it can provoke the emergence of various problems.

During pregnancy, included an internal mechanism of immune suppression. The fetus and the placenta begins to produce special substances and protein factors that are needed in order to the woman’s body was not perceived by the child as something alien. In fact, they do not allow rejection of the fetus, but the immune status of women is very diminished. During this period, the woman is especially susceptible to infections and viruses.

The expectant mother intense alteration of the organism. Hear the bones of the pelvis, which often comes from compression of the sciatic nerve and the appearance of sciatica. Most pregnant women have stretch marks on the thighs, abdomen, chest, back. Stretch marks are accompanied by itching, pain, and many women have traces of them remain forever.

For the formation of bone tissue of the fetus the pregnant woman’s body often suffers from a lack of calcium. Worsening condition of hair, nails and teeth. Women bones also become more brittle which can lead to frequent fractures. Pregnancy often is accompanied by such unpleasant phenomena as varicose veins, edema, hemorrhoids, jumps in blood pressure.

If a woman prior to this suffered from chronic diseases, and pregnancy may trigger their relapse. But even in relatively healthy women while carrying a baby can develop such dangerous diseases like diabetes, pancreatitis (due to increased load on the pancreas), hypertension, obesity.

Danger in childbirth

Even with the perfect pregnancy in the process of birth itself may be diseases that threaten the health of the fetus and the mother. The danger to the child we in this article will not speak, will tell only about the main challenges that might face a woman in labor.

Perineal and vagina. Tears can involuntary or forced, caused by the activities of physicians. Small tears in childbirth is inevitable, and they are not considered pathologies. Violent ruptures may occur due to the use of the obstetric forceps, vacuum extraction of the fetus. Sometimes midwives do artificial incision of the perineum, the so-called perineotomy or episiotomy to avoid a deep involuntary tear. Such incisions heal and subsequently sewn with a much faster and easier than gaps.

But in some cases the fissures can be significant, it represents a threat to health and life of women. Causes of spontaneous ruptures are usually accelerated labor, combined with a narrow pelvis or vagina. Very often spontaneous ruptures of the vagina is the sequel to tears of other departments of the birth canal. Often these injuries are very serious, especially if we are talking about rupture of the uterus or its cervix. Such breaks can lead to the death of a woman and child. Ruptures of the uterus is possible if the woman at previous birth gave birth by caesarean section or uterine scar there is from any other operation. When uterine rupture generic activities immediately cease, the mother administered anesthesia and produce the desired medical procedures. In the event of a threat of a rupture, the doctor performed an emergency caesarean section to save mother and child.

Generic bleeding. This kind of disease can occur during childbirth and the early postpartum period. He is a serious danger to women and fetus. The most common cause of bleeding – the problems caused by the condition of the placenta. There are risks of their occurrence and when the rupture of the uterus, if a woman has chronic inflammatory diseases of the mucous membrane of the uterus, injury of pelvic organs (even “old”), scars on the uterus, fibroids, hormonal disturbances, endocrine or cardiovascular disease , and even some pathology of the kidneys and liver. Often the cause of hemorrhage in childbirth are trauma experienced during gestation or a large number of previous abortions, childbirth or miscarriage.

If it started bleeding, the doctors will do everything possible to save the life of the mother and child. Through the large artery she will infuse blood products and special solutions, plasma, and erythrocyte mass. Be sure to monitor blood pressure, saturation of blood women oxygen, heart rate.

PPH. Occasionally bleeding occur late enough in the month after birth. This is a serious obstetric complication that often leads to death of the woman. It requires immediate action, in some cases, surgery is performed. Causes of late bleeding may be a decrease in uterine tone – hypotension, or its complete absence – atonic. Especially dangerous atony, as the uterus in this case is not able to shrink and is almost in a state of paralysis. Atony causes massive bleeding, not amenable to conservative therapy.

In addition, postpartum hemorrhage can be caused by a violation of the placenta. If a small fragment remains in the uterus, it can cause excessive bleeding even after a month after birth at the General well-being of women. In this case, need urgent hospitalization and scraping of uterus to remove fragments of the placenta.

In the process of childbirth can occur and other serious complications caused by physiological characteristics and health status. That is why to give birth should be only under the supervision of experienced midwives. A home birth even with a perfect pregnancy, very dangerous – if something goes wrong, in the absence of doctors, the right drugs and equipment to rescue a woman will be very difficult.

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