The main mistakes women in relationships with men: only three points

Главные ошибки женщин в отношениях с мужчинами: всего три пункта

A man and a woman meet and begins the romantic period of courtship. If all is going well, it develops into a relationship. That’s just how they do not destroy, and even, on the contrary, improve know not all women.
Three most important mistakes women make in relationships with men.

1.A woman wants to become all

If women begin to be jealous of a man to ex-wives and their children, to their parents, friends and colleagues, it is just annoying. As a result, the woman begins to resent the man for what he output goes to help his mother or go with colleagues for a beer after work, and in fact could spend that time with her.

In a relationship you have to your past, present and future and none of you should not have to refuse it or require to give. If a woman makes an ultimatum: me or “them” (the rest of the world), then sooner or later it will fail.

2.The woman constantly claims

Demands, claims, and accusations are always annoying, especially if you hear them constantly. As a result, the woman becomes grumpy, angry, nagging aunt, which only give a reason to Express their grievances and displeasure.

Not that there are really situations that require such behavior to show the man that he really is wrong. But every so often there are no objective reasons to behave – remember, all problems in the head.

3.The man has not met the expectations of women

In the relations of men and women adhere to different rules. One of them, when a man chooses a woman, he expects that she will not change, and when a woman chooses a man, she hopes he will be better.

By creating relationships, believe that people will change is stupid. And to change someone we can not just yourself. As a result, women may appear the same claims that were discussed earlier. Be patient and work on yourself, and your man either catch up to you, you will understand that you have placed different priorities in life.

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