The main nuances when selecting face powder and Foundation for oily skin

What Foundation and powder to choose for skin prone to acne, and what application technique is best.

Головні нюанси при виборі пудри і тональної основи для проблемної шкіри

What Foundation and powder bodhidatta problem skin? Not all. To cosmetics do not harm, you need to pay attention to some details. Let’s talk more?

Powder and concealer should be in the makeup bag of any girl. Pimples, redness and acne – three most common problems. Fortunately, manufacturers have taken care of the makeup that can be used without harm to the skin, informs Rus.Media.

We decided to tell you about the main nuances in the choice of powder and Foundation and technique of application. In addition, it was a compilation of the best tools that you can use!

How to choose powder

The first thing you should pay attention to is comedogenic (cosmetics that don’t clog pores and not provoke the emergence of new pimples) and hypoallergenic. The squad needs to be: antibacterial agents and zinc. It is better suited to mineral Foundation. It hides imperfections and allows the skin to “breathe”. Pay attention to drugstore brands.

Don’t use powder all over the face, but only in some areas.

What Foundation to choose

Tone, as any departure affects the quality of your skin. How to choose Foundation for oily skin? Give preference to light textures (tonal fluids and emulsions) and means without flavor. Always look at the composition. In a good tool should be: Lanolin Oil, Mineral Oil, Propylene Glycol, benzophenone – 3, thimerosal, Carrageenan, Isopropyl Myristate, Isopropyl Isostearate, Laureth 4, Myristyl Myristat, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. These components can cause irritation or an allergic reaction.

Beware of the following substances: parabens, talc, preservatives, dyes, oils and alcohol. They can clog the pores or cause allergies.

How to apply concealer and powder

Techniques of applying powder very much. On each day you will be enough to walk in a circular motion following the contour of the face, forehead, cheeks and nose. In these areas most often appears shiny and oily.

How to apply concealer with hands, sponge, beauty blender or with your hands? You can use all options, but it depends on the durability of your makeup. It is best to choose a brush. First you need to prepare your skin with a loved one’s care. Then, take a few small drops on the brush and check if the point (mark) on forehead, nose, cheekbones and chin. Left to feather. Pay attention to the neck. It is important not to leave streaks. Although, if you find your perfect tone, then this problem will not arise.

What kind of brush to use

Use the right brush. For a Foundation it is best to choose a synthetic. For example, taklon. They do not infest bacteria and you will easily be able to strike the right tone. For powder may be suitable natural material. Note the density (depends on the efficiency of the pigment).