The main race of Central Asia: how did the marathon in Almaty



Almaty hosted a traditional marathon. Him officially created on 17 thousand people from 53 countries. The correspondent of TV channel “MIR 24” Alex Rajewski ran the race.

The real marathon begins not with training, but with a pasta party the pasta party, where you can eat, loaded with carbohydrates and socialize.

17 thousand people from 53 countries – this has not happened. The marathon is the main running event not only in Kazakhstan but throughout Central Asia.

“I wanted to feel like a true nomad, a warrior. 13 kg top. Well, to encourage people that you can run around,” says the young man in the costume of an ancient warrior.

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Completed the first half of the race, and now there are not all. The marathon went 550 “Scandinavians” (Nordic walkers). They go the whole marathon, only 10 km away.

“I got 2 hours 42 minutes 38 seconds by my watch. Distance is difficult, but I liked it”, – said the winner of the women’s marathon Alexander Calanova.

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Not a marathon, and Superdevoluy. I went for the emotion, I got them. All running!