The main reasons are for not your relationship Zodiac sign

Главные причины по которым не складываются ваши отношения по знаку Зодиака

Aries — Bias.

Aries seemed a little wakes up and is surprised. Oh, not so smooth! But since the RAM can handle anything, “mentioned earlier, we fix it!“ And with the same passion with which Rams are usually taken to transform your life, they rush into the breach and bad temper partner.

Gemini — the Twins upset.

Gemini is the most gentle Sign of the Zodiac. Those who once had a relationship with Twins, can recall this brand their gaze when it seemed that you are not okay. Perceptive, disturbing, edgy look when they are trying to understand: does it hurt? are you all right?

Taurus — Vigilance.

In General, Taurus is a little less nerdy than Capricorn, therefore is pleased with himself and partner as long as partner will not get to it with a knife to her throat, trying to coerce the Calf on something that is not yet ready. To marry, to learn to cook “as she asks,“ to have a second child, change of job to well-paid and so on.

Cancer Humble.

Cancers are mild, loving, patient, and not the rebels. Supply of shit, which can produce in the relationship their partner, sometimes it seems the other signs of the Zodiac are endless. Cancers do not call it in any way – neither shit nor ambrosia, they say – well, he just might. He’s just so.

Leo the lion — do not care.

Lions do not really pay attention on what’s wrong with their partner. But not out of love and patience, and a certain apathy, because every lion is a bit missing in the relationship, and this missing part of distracting the attention of the Lion.

Archers — Too observant.

Sagittarius people are terribly busy and it’s very tolerant of your shortcomings. If you throw shoes, do not close the lid of the shampoo everywhere and leave bits of apples, he even the ear will not lead. But if he sees something more serious, sooner or later he becomes an observer and starts a partner to observe: quietly, but thoroughly. And in the beginning these observations are quite impartial. Sagittarius does not maintain a Ledger, where writes: “1) flirting with my closest friend; 2)be rude to his mother, 3) does not invest power in the family business,” but all these things are deposited in his head, in particular the legal Department. And at first he himself did not even notice.

Pisces — Too sensitive.

Fish being soft, and patient in extreme violence is not seen. When they fall in love, they are very, very long time can close eye on what the Taurus would already hid in the bushes, and the Capricorn would have sent a protest note to the Hague court. So when Fish see in the beloved something that they, in theory, should shock and turned away from him forever, they tightly close their eyes and ears, and even mouth closed. Like the three Chinese monkeys. At this point, they feel a little bit scared, but not scared of what made partner, and his own probable blindness against him. “Might want to slow down — I think Fish is to stop and think, but I could be wrong, I’m not blind!”

Virgo — Confusion.

Virgos are all nothing, they are a long predolgo able to live in your clean, pretty, fair world, and if their companion snores at the Vienna state Opera, tells vulgar jokes on a secular reception or doing something else that is not quite like Virgo would rather be quietly laughing or poking in the ribs, by joining it and supporting it, than to curtail his nose and say “EW.” Now the embarrassment they will feel when something I wonder, tucked lips, say- “What is it you, dear?” Then Virgo will hide your inner bully and nod, shrug their shoulders and say passionately: “you know, you still do not snore much more, okay? And that people looking.” Well, and all will go on as usual, relatively peacefully, until the next party their companion or companion again will not get trapped or will not be convicted of something bad.

Capricorn Arrogance.

So… imagine that Capricorn is dissatisfied about something in the behavior of the partner, no matter what. He prilagaetsya that way and that, trying to accept, keeping the intelligent face and hat study the scientific writings, the Torah and the forums on breastfeeding, then adjusting the departing points, decided on the important step. He says… MIA… you see, I do not like. And embarrassed, and gasps, and thinks, hurt, hurt hurl, as a child Capricorn was taught to rely only on themselves.

Libra — Charity

Libra patience is a long, long as a leap year. When they fall in love, they just love with all my heart, they also peer into a loved one: what would help, what would be the pits to get him out and how he could alleviate and improve life? And so it turns out sometimes that favorite holes on the road a lot and Scale up their sleeves and undertake the work. Substituted, corrected, offer the help, got it, poor thing, up and down, or at least not allowed to fall to the side. Chur…

Scorpio — calmness, only Calmness

When Scorpio realizes that his relationship is something goes wrong, and it does not occur to rant and rave, quietly merge, reform or hard-to disappear. It is first a long, long time did not notice, and when I stubbornly turn away from the facts does not work, starts to wonder. Puzzling it is that he does not believe that there is something wrong or causing him harm. In it, Scorpionium world, everyone are usually arranged as well as possible. And his Alliance too. Therefore a priori there cannot happen anything bad or unintended. Nevertheless, it happens. Scorpio sees time, sees two, 89 quietly sits in corner and thinks.

Aquarius — Hurt

Aquarius it’s hard to pester, because he is good. It will be a long time to smile, to smile, to shrug, trying not to notice how close it offends people. The partners of Aquarius in this respect, lucky is one of the most forgiving, loving and good-natured Zodiac Signs. He would rather endure, than to resent or stop the chaos that he sometimes satisfied a partner. But only from time to time. When patience there will be a limit, the Aquarius will come from if the last step he suddenly stand up and walk out, slamming the door and without saying a word.

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