The main reasons causing dependence on sugar

Названы главные причины зависимости от сахара

Experts have named the main causes of dependence on sugar. They concluded that it really thinks less sugar saves you from stress and chocolate can replace personal life, writes “Evening Moscow”.

Sweet tooth is usually not enough endorphins. To produce their helps chocolate. As a result – enjoy life, and this is connected not only with sex but with self-realization. Of course, it is important that the hormones were fine, but completely lack of privacy, the chocolate does not compensate for the still, experts believe. And excessive consumption of sugar increases insulin resistance.

Instead of before examination or during a challenging job to eat chocolate, it is better to eat protein-carbohydrate bar or a banana which contains lots of carbohydrates and fiber. It is better to eat dark chocolate, not milk because it contains less sugar and it is impossible to eat a lot. But the abundance of sweets in half an hour can cause fatigue in humans.

Glucose is also needed for muscle and brain, but if it is not consumed properly, it turns into fat. While in the body, glucose peak, stands out much insulin, then fixed the recession, there is irritability. In fact, it is a drug. Do not stick to the protein diets as they can cause problems with the kidneys and liver.

Glucose can be obtained from complex carbohydrates, but to abandon fruits and cereals is not necessary. The demand for sweets has increased and due to the failure of many from Smoking and alcohol. We should not forget that sugar is contained in the sausage and the bread, and in sauces.

The best alternative to the sweet sport, because exercise also helps to produce endorphins and reduce stress, but it is a double benefit for beauty and health.

We will add, at present, the Ministry of health of Russia and Rospotrebnadzor actively working to reduce the amount of sugar in the diet of Russians.