The main signs of weak character

Основные признаки слабого характера

Strong willed character much easier life. This is the advantage of nature, which, unfortunately, can not boast of all. Knowing what signs indicate a weakness of character and lack of hardness, it is possible to adjust and improve their own character, and at the same time and make life easier. The main signs pointing to subarachnoidally established how to determine whether you’re weak-willed person, and whether you need to strengthen the power of the spirit. The lack of volitional qualities indicated by several signs:preoccupation with sebene especially confident people constantly crave attention, they enjoy what they say or think, and often doesn’t really matter in what manner. Even negative reviews or discussion they perceive as positive, as it is also a kind of attention to their person. Being fixated on themselves people are very self-centered and narcissistic.The desire for podrazhaniya who are not too confident in his own person, prefer not to Express themselves, and to repeat after someone. It can be any famous person: movie star, famous singer or politician. Seeing that the subject is revered and popular, not confident person will try to become as similar to the idol.Fear vnimaniye, which can not boast of self-confidence, afraid to draw attention to themselves. They are uncomfortable if they find themselves in the center of events, or do they get a leading role. Easier, more comfortable and familiar to follow a leader and not becoming.Envy and criticality who have nothing to boast of, the soul is aware of. To drown out the unpleasant thoughts they are trying hard to criticize others, playing down their achievements or openly raising false accusations. Diminishing the importance of others, such individuals feel a bit better as not so far off from them on the different qualities.Inability to defend its maniacaly to defend their own point of view, we need at least a minimum confidence. Therefore, people are not confident, it is extremely difficult to prove something to others. It is easier to agree with an obviously wrong opinion or installation, if only to look for arguments of his innocence.Work is almost never quick or easy, but if you know what to fix, it is realistic to get rid of many negative traits.

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