The main signs that shout about kidney disease

Основные признаки, которые кричат о заболеваниях почек

Most people know the location of the kidneys in the lumbar spine on both sides of the spine. But not everyone knows that proper functioning of this pair depends on overall health, skin condition, hemoglobin content and mineral balance in our body. It is therefore imperative to detect the existence of problems in the kidney at an early stage, allowing quick and easy enough to fix them. I advise you to pay attention even to slight indisposition, which, in fact, may signal the occurrence of violations.

Symptoms of kidney disease

1. The presence of edema

Every day our kidneys are filtering about 150 litres of blood. Also, they provide an outlet for excess fluid from the body and maintain optimum contents of various elements in the blood. The presence of swelling should be a cause for concern, because it is an indication that the kidneys are not able to cope delivered his load. So, gradually, the body begins to accumulate excess fluid and harmful toxins.+

2. Violation of urination

If you notice that your urine has acquired a pale or darkened, and the number of urination has increased considerably, their reason probably is inflammation. In addition, you are probably concerned about frequent night waking was due to his desire to go to the toilet. If the time of urination accompanied by pain, it may signal the presence of infection of the urinary tract.+

3. Skin rash

Disorders in the kidneys lead to accumulation in the body of dangerous toxins that provoke the appearance of skin problems.+

4. Anemia and chronic fatigue

The kidneys are secretion of the hormone responsible for the vigor of our body. When there’s a lack of development can appear chronic fatigue and anemia.+

5. Confused and shortness of breath

Poor kidney function leads to a deficiency of oxygen in the body, and hence the breathing disorders.+

6. A metallic taste

Similar sensations in the mouth can be associated with the presence in the body of harmful toxins, due to which impaired activity of the taste buds and there is a taste of metal. If the kidneys are unable to cope with the cleansing function from these harmful elements, you will inevitably chase the bad appetite.+

7. The pain, which are concentrated in the upper region of the back

This is a sign of renal insufficiency.+

8. Dizziness

Irregularities in functioning of the kidneys leads to a weak flow of oxygen in the brain, which causes dizziness and difficulty concentrating.+

Keep the kidney disease at an early stage, it is recommended to consult the doctor if there is even one of the symptoms.+

We wish you to be attentive to their health. So you will be able to avoid the development of any disease or to successfully cure it in the Bud!

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