The main signs that your body oxidized and requires urgent alkalinization

Основные признаки того, что ваш организм окислился и требует срочного ощелачивания

From the brain to the digestive system of the human body is in balance the system from organic matter. For referencing characteristics such as acid and alkaline balance. Subject to the violations, you can face several adverse consequences.

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This term means the following phenomenon – the balance of acid and alkali in a body broken with a predominance towards the acid. Certain organs such as the digestive, to normal and stable work, you need acid, others may immunity requires more alkali. That is a balanced state is a symptom of and a factor in health.+

If the balance is disturbed with a predominance in the direction of acid, digestive system starts to work unstable. The immune system often begins to falter. The General condition of the body worsens.+

Signs of imbalance that produces high acidity

To determine exceeded the oxidation is possible by a number of factors:

  • In the case of overweight the likelihood of increased production of insulin increases, which means the deposition of fatty tissue. Bodies that are designed to clear entering the body substance, not in forces to cope with the excess acid formations, because they are transported into adipose tissue. For this reason, not outgoing weight may indicate increased acidity in the body.
  • Also about the excessive oxidation of tissues and systems can talk fragile bone tissue. This is because the shortage of alkali in the body begins to consume its excess quantity in the bones. However, even in the case when the bones become lacking in alkaline elements, the body will not immediately abandon their consumption. The consequence of this process and may be bone fragility.
  • As described just what the cause may be the excessive sensitivity of the teeth. They are just like all other bone formations, you begin to experience a shortage of the slits. Accordingly, it becomes weak enamel, resulting in teeth becoming sensitive.
  • Also pay attention to sleep disorders. If for some unknown and unexplainable reason you start to experience difficulty sleeping, then this may be a signal about the oxidation of the body. Excessive consumption of calcium in the substitution account of the lack of slits affects the quality and length of sleep.

Helpful and balanced diet as a method of solving the problem

To avoid imbalance or to overcome existing phenomenon, should pay attention to the daily diet. In the menu, you must enable several required products. Their consumption will help to maintain body in perfect order and not to upset the balance of acid and alkali.+

Here is the list:

  • Cabbage;
  • Broccoli;
  • Fresh cucumbers;
  • Zucchini;
  • The fruit of the nut;
  • Beans and peas;
  • Soy products;
  • Dried fruits.

Regularly consuming meals that contain these products available to everyone, you can easily put in order the balance of acid and alkali. Tissue and body systems will be improved and will be back to normal. Adverse symptoms like excessive weight and lack of sleep disappear by themselves.+

He found signs of oxidation? Do not delay to vary your menu healthy and nutritional dishes with the name of the products! Protect your body from illnesses and never get sick!

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