The main theme of the Astana forum has become economic growth and cities

PHOTO : Official website of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan


The theme of the 12-th Astana economic forum in Nur-Sultan – “Inspiring growth: people, cities, economy.” In the capital of Kazakhstan, gathered politicians, businessmen and scientists from around the world. The forum was opened by first President of the Republic Nursultan Nazarbayev, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Gulmira Zhanzakova.

Dialogue among leaders from key global powers to exit from the geopolitical crisis has offered the first President of Kazakhstan at the Astana economic forum. For the first time he participates in it not as head of state. The President recalled that the Republic has repeatedly served as an effective platform for negotiation processes on various issues, despite the youth of the capital.

“Over the years we have discussed a wide range of issues, including the G-Global project, environmental issues, poverty reduction, human capital development. Last year we held a Summit on global challenges. The forum held two anti-crisis conference, held with the support of the UN General Assembly. The recommendations and conclusions that were discussed here, has helped Kazakhstan in a timely manner to respond to global challenges, to overcome difficulties,” – said Nazarbayev.

According to him, a sustainable global architecture can be build on the basis of three dialogues between the US, Russia, China and the EU, at the level of Eurasia. As noted, the increase in population ceases to play a key role in the growth of national economies.

“The main driver is getting productivity. Over the past 50 years, only a third of the annual GDP growth in developed countries was obtained through natural population growth. International experts are sure that those countries which can dramatically increase this figure, will be competitive in this century. Meanwhile, today, the potential of productivity growth can be at least 2% per year over the next decade,” – said he said.

Two days of the forum a unique session, they are invited to major investors from USA, China, European countries. The organizers hope that will be concluded large contracts. According to the results of the AE, Nobel laureates and leading economists give advice to improve the economic and social policy of Kazakhstan.