The major league baseball returning soon, but at what price?

Le baseball majeur de retour bientôt, mais à quel prix?

Several players in major league baseball participated Monday in a conference call of their union and some believe that it will be possible to agree with the employer on the terms and conditions of a return to the game in the near future.

Those who have taken part in the interview discussed the proposal of the big leagues for, among others, a regular schedule of 82 games, but especially the remuneration of the athletes. With a storyline focusing on the conduct of parties behind closed doors, they expect of course to suffer significant financial losses.

However, according to the union representative of the San Diego Padres, Austin Hedges, and many of his colleagues want to return to the job and their wish might become a reality soon.

“What I mean is that there is a majority of guys that require really that it is a rule. Many of them express a personal point of view, as you see on the news, and show to what extent the prolonged shutdown could harm them, said the recipient of the Padres in the daily San Diego Union-Tribune. We need to understand that everyone is affected by the crisis. This is not a story about one guy or a small group. We are trying to find a solution valid for all.”

Thorny issue

In spite of this beautiful optimism, the question of the salary of the players for the season 2020 poses a problem. The union has rejected the proposal of the owners, a share of revenues to 50%, taking the view that to accept such an offer would agree to a salary cap. According to the newspaper the californian, the athletes would have been entitled to approximately $ 1.5 billion and everyone would have seen his salary decrease by about a third.

On the other hand, the parties involved would be willing to compromise.

“If we do not sacrifice on the aspect of salary, I don’t think the league will sign,” admitted Hedges. At the same time, we want to get as close as possible to the agreement starting. Regardless, we’ll assume a significant reduction in our pay.”

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